How To Do Driving For Dollars Step By Step - AIJ023

In Episode 23 of An Investors Journey, we go over (with a congested voice) How To Do Driving For Dollars Step By Step!

If you're a wholesaler trying to find more leads or an investor looking to increase your margins, Driving For Dollars is by far one of the best ways to create a custom list that very few will have access to.

In this episode, we break down step-by-step how we drive neighborhoods.

We will cover:

~How to determine which neighborhood to drive

~The tools you will need

~The research

~What to look for

~How to scrub the list after you created one

~Which strategy to implement afterward to make contact.

Examples of what we mentioned:

Type into Google >Zip code< and the word >Map< like this 78213 Map the link you're looking for is

Type in Google >Subdivison Name< along with >City Name< like this Ridgeview San Antonio. This is how Google will outline it. Now just zoom in and PRINT this

Once you have a list use your county website to scrub it. Go to... you guessed it GOOGLE and search >Your County< and >Appraisal District< in here you want to look for Property Search.

Once in Property Search start searching your properties one by one. You're looking for houses that the deed has NOT transferred within the last 10 years. You're also verifying if the Owner lives there or somewhere else.

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