Flipping Houses Vs Brrrr Strategy When To Use Them

Have you been wondering how do you know for sure which strategy makes more sense?

Flipping houses or Brrrr Strategy?

Profit vs Cashflow?

Now vs later?

In this video, I’ll show you the 4 Qualifications we use to analyze our deals and decide which to keep and which to flip.

Spoiler alert: It isn’t always about the numbers…

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0:00 ✅ Flipping Houses Vs Brrrr Strategy When To Use Them

2:01 ✅ Join our Insider Group

3:52 ✅ You can't keep it or flip it...if you can't finance it

5:10 ✅ Market Opportunity

7:42 ✅ Systems Opportunity

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10:09 ✅ Partner Opportunity

12:19 ✅ Business Opportunity

13:50 ✅ 🎁 BONUS - Property Opportunity

16:30 ✅ BONUS - Case Study 🎁

20:37 📽 5 Keys on How To Create A Scope Of Work When Flipping Houses 🏡

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