San Antonio Housing Affordability Crisis | Coffee With The Johns S2E24


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In today's episode of Coffee With The Johns, we cover a lot of real estate news...Next Housing Boom, Crypto Scam & Crash and the upcoming Market Update.  Plus so much more!

With an increase in housing shortages and larger buyer demand San Antonio housing market really hitting an affordability crisis.

In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we break that down as well as other topics on job growth, cryptocurrency crash, and the coming housing boom!

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0:00   🚀 San Antonio Housing Affordability Crisis
5:06    ✅ John’s Favorite Holiday is coming up
9:05    ✅ Update on our properties
11:11    ✅ 50%+ of Homes selling above asking price
19:26   ✅ Why the housing market could only get HOTTER 🔥
38:46   ✅ San Antonio is regretting subsidizing a massive hotel
42:00   ✅ Difference between Commercial Development and Residential Development ⭐
50:03   ✅ Listener Question on the Lone Star Redevelopment
58:03   ✅ How to pull YOUR OWN market data!
1:34:38✅ Biden extends nationwide ban on evictions
1:37:43 ✅ Rents for single-family homes just saw the largest gains in nearly 15 years
1:41:57  ✅ UTSA expert warns against simple fixes for the post-pandemic labor shortage
1:45:05 ✅ Minimum Wage of $30/hr would be RIDICULOUS
1:56:42 ✅ Michael Burry Warns Retail Traders About the ‘Mother of All Crashes’
1:59:39 ✅ Cryptocurrency Crash

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