Is The Current Inflation Transitionary OR Permanent | Coffee With The Johns S2E23

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In today's episode of Coffee With The Johns, we cover a lot of real estate news...Macro Economy, Local Economy & Inflation. Β Plus so much more!

The Fed finally admits that we have rising inflation but they're saying that it's "transitionary".

In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we break down what does inflation real means, is inflation transitionary, how this will affect the real estate market, and much more!

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0:00Β  Β  Β πŸš€ Is The Current Inflation Transitionary OR Permanent
10:03Β  Β βœ… Inflation hits a 28-year high
48:38Β  Β βœ… The Fed is endangering the dollar's reserve status
51:22Β  Β  βœ… Big Banks hoarding cash because very good chance inflation will stay
55:35Β  Β  βœ… Rate hikes coming soon as inflation rises
1:02:15 βœ… Is Cash King?
1:09:38βœ… Insider Tips From Our Mastermind Group πŸ”₯
1:11:09 βœ… Multiplier Effect
1:12:58 βœ… What happens after you reach Financial Freedom ⭐
1:28:34βœ… Foreclosures are coming back.
1:31:15Β  βœ… Big tech getting capped Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google
1:50:18 βœ… Businesses leaving California because of crime
1:55:38 βœ… Listener Question: Why aren't more developers building more small multifamily units here in San Antonio? ⭐
2:00:09βœ… Cristiano Ronaldo cost Coca-Cola $4 billion


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πŸ“°Hot inflation may have become scorching in May and is expected to hit a 28-year high
πŸ“°Stanley Druckenmiller says the Fed is endangering the dollar's reserve status
πŸ“°Paul Tudor Jones: 'Go all in' on inflation trades if Fed ignores higher prices
πŸ“°Dimon says JPMorgan hoarding cash because β€˜very good chance’ inflation will stay
πŸ“°The Fed moves up its timeline for rate hikes as inflation rises
πŸ“°Commodities from copper to corn tumble on China crackdown, rising dollar
πŸ“°Under Constant Surveillance From Their Boss.
πŸ“°Democrats' draft antitrust bills could reshape Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google
πŸ“°Brazen shoplifter loads up at Walgreens in front of security, leaves on bike
πŸ“°Cristiano Ronaldo snubbed Coca-Cola. The company’s market value fell $4 billion. - The Washington Post


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