Are You Waiting To Buy A House in 2021? | CWTJ S2 E20

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In today's episode of Coffee With The Johns, we cover a lot of real estate news...News about the current Real Estate market, Warren Buffett getting into the construction side, Hedgefund Manager jumps into the Bitcoin game, Investors are snatching up a lot of Single Family Homes, Plus so much more!

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What's the truth behind this BOOMING real estate market?

When will prices stable off?

Many investors and homebuyers are waiting for this real estate market to "stable off" but who says it ever will?


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0:00     ✅ Are You Waiting To Buy A House in 2021?
8:18      ✅ Investors are leaving little inventory for homebuyers
18:10    ✅ 64% of Millennials regret buying a house
31:40    ✅ Here's how SA's record home value growth stacks up with other cities
34:45    ✅ Rising inflation will keep home prices high
38:31    ✅ Real estate prices are local! Texas Real Estate Market is too HOT!
40:40   ✅ Working from home is actually hurting employees and employers
1:10:52 ✅ Would you like fries or a NEW iPHONE with that?
1:21:18 ✅ Is Amazon becoming a Monopoly?
1:39:29✅ Modular home construction might be the profitable solution to low housing inventory
1:48:14 ✅ Another big Billionaire is betting on cryptocurrency


🔗🔗LINKS To The Articles🔗🔗

📰 Investors are buying up single-family homes across the US

📰 64% of millennials have regrets about buying their current home—here’s why

📰 Here's how SA's record home value growth stacks up with other cities

📰 The Unintended Consequences Of The Hybrid-Work Model

📰 One McDonald's Location Has Gotten so Desperate For Staff That It's Offering a Free iPhone to New Workers

📰 Amazon to buy MGM Studios for $8.45 billion

📰 DC attorney general sues Amazon on antitrust grounds, alleges it illegally raises prices

📰 Warren Buffett bets on modular construction

📰 Here's Why Billionaire Ray Dalio Would Rather Own Bitcoin Than Bonds


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If you're worried about a housing crash, we'll spot it before it hits.

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