Are Unemployment Benefits Hurting The Recovery | CWTJ S2E18

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0:00 ✅  Are Unemployment Benefits Hurting The Recovery

5:09      ✅ Recap of PRYME Homes Investments

8:12      ✅ 6 Offers - 35 Showings in 3 Days

8:45      ✅ Be more strategic with your investments

9:08      ✅ Asking prices are subjective. How are Appraisers adjusting

10:46    ✅ Are the Appraisers adjusting to the market

12:12    ✅ NO MORE MASKS

16:00    ✅ 9 States Ending Unemployment Benefits

20:15    ✅ White House fighting back

24:15    ✅ How are Unemployment Benefits affecting the labor market


27:10    ✅ We need to help those less fortunate

28:06    ✅ Tony Robbins theory

29:25    ✅ Restaurants are fighting back amid a worker shortage

31:51    ✅ Jobs & NO people to work them

33:52    ✅ 1M Jobs expected 260K ACTUAL!

35:26    ✅ Why food prices are rising

37:09    ✅ Where is my purpose

39:23    ✅ Gavin Newsom Trying to buy his reelection

45:42    ✅ Some CEOs Suggest Dropping Degree Requirements in Hiring

49:39    ✅ Why we need Education for the NOW

52:07    ✅ Regulatory costs add nearly $94K to new home prices

56:34    ✅ City of San Antonio asking for their pound of flesh

58:56    ✅ Who is going to pay for the extra fee's

1:01:27 ✅ Am I being cynical or logical

1:02:58 ✅ Lumber increases but who is making the money

1:05:12 ✅ Screw YOU - I'm not paying YOU that much

1:06:00 ✅ What is the definition of INFLATION

1:07:19 ✅ Glue, Copper & Appliance shortages

1:10:43 ✅ We DONT need short term fixes

1:11:20 ✅ As lumber prices triple

1:17:56 ✅ 20 showings in less than 24 hrs.

1:24:22 ✅ San Antonio housing market heats up with double-digit growth in prices and sales

1:26:20 ✅ Gasoline demand spikes in several states after pipeline hack

1:34:35 ✅ CEO asking an employee for the Bitcoin back!

1:46:12 ✅ That’s A Rap! 50 Cent Moves Out Of NYC To Avoid Getting Crushed By Taxes.

1:47:34 ✅ NYC Loses $1.2 Billion After Tourist Spending Drops by 73%

1:49:07 ✅ Jamie Dimon, fed up with Zoom calls, says pre-pandemic office life is returning


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