Housing Market Crash In 2021, Cryptocurrency News, Labor Shortage | CWTJ S2 E14

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In this episode of Coffee with the Johns we talked about Housing Market Crash In 2021, Cryptocurrency News, Labor Shortage.

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Cryptocurrencies are hitting all-time highs, housing inventory is at all-time lows, and labor shortages are hurting small businesses.


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0:00   ✅ Housing Market Crash In 2021, Cryptocurrency News, Labor Shortage

1:47     ✅ FREE Investor Resources 🎁

5:24     ✅ When is the housing market going to crash?

9:33     ✅ San Antonio Real Estate Market Inventory Shortage

14:37    ✅ Buyers paying the difference in appraisals

23:15    ✅ Joe Biden offering $25K first time home buyer tax credit 2021

31:10    ✅ Labor shortage is a real issue

38:35   ✅ Short term interest rate crises

40:40   ✅ Savers are Losers 😭

46:27    ✅ Inflation is here for 2021

50:32    ✅ Look at ACTIVE Properties when Listing your flips 🔑

53:35     ✅ Wholesalers are being pushed out 🚨

55:07     ✅ The Real Estate Investors that are Succeeding in 2021 ⭐

1:00:06 ✅ Real estate investing is a TEAM SPORT 🤝

1:10:34  ✅ Lumber shortage causing massive problems for builders 🌳

1:21:17   ✅ IRS starting to go after cryptocurrency investors

1:32:59  ✅ Regulation Seen Coming for Cryptocurrencies

1:57:24  ✅ States are buying people


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