Is The Texas Real Estate Market Overpriced? S2E8

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In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we discussed, Investors are worried about it being too late to invest in Texas. We also shared our thoughts on the Texas real estate market, Texas mask mandate, inflation, what we're seeing, and HOW you can protect yourself.Β  Β We will also be covering the trends and strategies developing to help you invest better in 2021.


0:00 Β  Β  Β βœ… Is The Texas Real Estate Market Overpriced?
9:27Β  Β  Β  Β βœ…Β  Texas Unemployment Rate Falls to 7.2 Percent
16:09Β  Β  Β βœ…Β  The U.S. economy is on fire, and is about to get stoked even more
22:48Β  Β  Β βœ…Β  Governor Abbott Lifts Mask Mandate, Opens Texas 100 Percent
27:01Β  Β  Β  βœ…Β  These businesses will require customers to wear masks despite reversal of state order
43:25Β  Β  Β  βœ…Β  Powell says economic reopening could cause inflation to pick up temporarily
52:37Β  Β  Β  βœ…Β  Buffett says 'never bet against America' in letter noting company's U.S. assets
57:57Β  Β  Β  βœ…Β  The Book: Your Next Five Moves
1:02:33Β  βœ…Β  Too much stimulus in the U.S. may bring 'imported inflation' to China, economists warn
1:09:27Β  βœ…Β  Senate takes first step toward passing $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill
1:17:17Β  Β  βœ…Β  Chipotle will link executive compensation to environmental and diversity goals
1:24:26Β  βœ…Β  Texas earns national recognition for most capital investment for 9th year in a row
1:25:40Β  βœ…Β  3 Reasons We’re Definitely Not in a Housing Bubble – Keeping Current Matters
1:45:50Β  βœ…Β  FHFA extends forbearance period to 18 months - HousingWire
1:54:54Β  βœ…Β  Elon Musk's SpaceX raised $850 million, jumping valuation to about $74 billion


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