Too Big To Fail is The ONLY Business Model | CWTJ S2 E5

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In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we discussed Mortgage Crisis, Small Business are Too Small To bail,Β  & SA Housing Market could cave. We will also be covering the trends and strategies developing to help you invest better in 2021.


5:00​  Β  Β  βœ… Our NEW marketing campaigns are doing GREAT!

11:36​  Β  Β βœ… In San Antonio Homeless people are being forced into hotels

23:24​  Β  βœ… Fiesta in San Antonio pushed to June… maybe.

28:35​  Β  βœ… Too Small To Bail. Moral Hazard is DEAD ☠

36:30​  Β  βœ… Entitlement is Killing us. **RANT**

45:20​  Β  βœ… Would you get a Neuralink installed in your brain?

55:10​  Β  Β βœ… Elon Musk can do NO WRONG!

1:05:37​  βœ… Not everyone will get the next stimulus check!

1:13​:45Β  Β βœ… No housing crash in 2021… or EVER!

1:24:06​  βœ… Buy and hold real estate is going to EXPLODE πŸ’₯

1:29:50​  βœ… Mortgage Servicers anticipating BIG defaults this year

1:35:40​  βœ… NEW Real Estate Trend Developing 🌟

1:37:39​  βœ… San Antonio housing market in trouble… NOT!

1:45:13​  βœ… Ponzi schemes are legal 😬

1:49:23​ βœ… Robinhood is upsetting the big players

1:53:57​  βœ… Step aside parents, we’re here to help!



⚑ January 2021 San Antonio Real Estate Market Update - Released

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πŸ”— LINKS On What Was Talked About πŸ”—

πŸ“° San Antonio leaders weigh options to alleviate homelessness issue

πŸ“° Fiesta is delayed into June, cancels parades

πŸ“° Exxon Mobil reports a $20 billion loss, fourth straight quarter in the red

πŸ“° Elon Musk says Neuralink could start implanting chips in human brains β€˜later this year

πŸ“° Tesla to recall more than 130,000 cars following regulators' pressure

πŸ“° Democrats are moving to propose a new $1,400 stimulus check plan that cuts the number of eligible people

πŸ“° Biden stimulus could worsen affordable housing crisis

πŸ“° Why mortgage lending standards will ease in 2021

πŸ“° Mortgage refinancing suddenly surges, but homebuyers stall due to sticker shock

πŸ“° CFPB doubles down on mortgage servicing enforcement

πŸ“° HUD extends waivers for FHA reverse mortgages

πŸ“° Roof could cave in on San Antonio housing market, study warnss

πŸ“° Opendoor revenue plummets 45% in 2020; iBuyer Looks to Raise $700M

πŸ“° Robinhood makes hundreds of millions from selling customer orders. That business model is about to come into focus.

πŸ“° Democrats unveil a plan to provide every American child with a $1,000 savings account that can be accessed at age 18


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