Low Housing Inventory In Texas and Interest Rates Rising | Coffee With The Johns Season 2 Ep.3

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What do you do when there are no motivated sellers out there?

In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we discussed tips for investing in the Texas real estate market.


βœ… Low Housing Inventory In Texas and Interest Rates Rising

βœ… How to Understand the 2021 Real Estate Market

βœ… Be cautious when Wholetailing houses

βœ… Case Study on flip turned rental in San Antonio

βœ… Can you wholetail houses that need a lot of work?

βœ… Massive migration of companies and people to the Texas Market 🀠

βœ… Homebuilders are facing serious challenges despite high demands

βœ… High Home Buyer Demand

βœ… 6 Companies makeup 40%+ of the S&P 500 😬

βœ… Speculative investing in 2021

βœ… Vaccine Distributions Failed!

βœ… How Businesses Are Adjusting to 2021

βœ… San Antonio Real Estate Market News

βœ… Real Estate Investing Strategies for 2021🌟

βœ… The Investors Quadrant

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πŸ”— LINKS On What Was Talked About πŸ”—

πŸ“°Β  NRA Files for bankruptcy and moves to TX.

πŸ“°Β  2020 Migration Trends U-Haul Ranks 50 States By Migration Growthration-Trends-U-Haul-Ranks-50-States-By-Migration-Growth/

πŸ“°Β These are the five hottest – and three coldest – markets for home prices in 2021

πŸ“°Β Spike in lumber and land prices causes homebuilder confidence to fall from epic high

πŸ“°Β Biden looks to give a big boost to homebuyers and builders

πŸ“° Mortgage refinance demand spikes 20% as borrowers fear missing out on record-low rates

πŸ“°Β What’s the stock and bond market going to look like from here.

πŸ“°Β Bitcoin tumbles below $30,000, extending its plunge to start 2021

πŸ“°Β BlackRock has joined the bitcoin business β€” the world's largest asset manager has said two of its funds can now invest in the cryptocurrency

πŸ“°Β U.S. to change vaccine allocation to favor states that quickly administer shots

πŸ“°Β 5.6 million calls jam phone lines for WellMed COVID vaccine registration in SA

πŸ“°Β COVID 4 Life!

πŸ“°Β UK cruise liner will require all passengers to be 'fully vaccinated against COVID-19

πŸ“°Β Dollar General will pay workers to get COVID-19 vaccine


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