Clubhouse App For Real Estate Investors | Review 2021

There’s a new platform getting all of the attention now, especially in the real estate community.

This app is Clubhouse! 

Many people are jumping on, but there are some BIG pros and cons to using the clubhouse app.

Clubhouse at the moment is for iPhone users.

Sorry Android 🤷‍♂️

But I’m sure it’s a matter of time before they open it to android, so pay attention to this.

How does the clubhouse app work?

  • Create an account
  • You need an invite
  • Optimize your profile
  • Pick your topics
  • Enjoy!

Let’s cover the CONs of the using Clubhouse App.

1. Using the word con seems appropriate because of all of the charlatans that are on there talking about how “cool” they are.

a. The issue with this is that they set the wrong expectations and give no real value except for hype.

b. If they’re not giving REAL tactics, MOVE ON!

c. If you need the hype because you lack motivation, you’re either in the wrong industry or maybe you have some problems you need to resolve. Get a therapist; it’ll be faster.

2. Wasting time! I keep hearing of people being “hooked” on the clubhouse app!

a. Wtf does that mean?! Do not have anything ELSE to do?!

b. This is the rabbit hole I see many investors fall in to and the clubhouse app is no different!

i. Be more worried about implementation rather than consumption

ii. Be strategic with which Rooms you jump into

iii. Be strategic with who you follow

iv. If you’re not there yet, don’t jump in. Topics always repeat.

3. Giving your invites away to anyone

a. The purpose of the app is exclusivity and quality convos. If you give your invites away to anyone that asks, you’re hurting yourself by bringing on people that won’t contribute.

4. No messaging options.

a. The only way to connect with someone on a one on one is:

b. Reach out on their insta/twitter if they added it.

i. Jump on the call and ask them how to get a hold of them.

ii. Or if they have put another way to contact them on their profile.

iii. Or my favorite… stalking on social media!

c. They might be doing this so you do jump on and engage with the convo.

How about the PROs using the Clubhouse App?

I do like this app but like anything related to social media, either YOU USE IT OR IT USES YOU!

1. Amazing knowledge being shared.

a. Because this is a new platform and many people on here don’t have many followers on clubhouse they do what everyone starting off growing their following does, GIVE AWAY GREAT CONTENT!

b. You want to learn marketing, sales, negotiation, strategies, cooking, workouts, meditation? It’s all here!

2. No need to have anything other than a phone.

a. No cameras

b. No mics

c. No studio

d. Just your voice!

3. Great networking.

a. Everyone is on equal grounds here

b. Because it’s still relatively new the rooms aren’t too crowded.

c. You can network and ask questions to people to couldn’t get access to on other social because of the noise.

4. Learn at ANY hour!

a. They have talks 24/7!

5. Raw

a. These aren’t scripts. It's real people jumping on sharing in real-time.

b. No filters

c. No pitches(usually)

d. No fluff

⚡BONUS TIP: How to get great contacts?

1. You must participate!

a. If people don’t hear from you they can’t work with you

b. It’s on the phone, not in person or video, stop being so scared.

c. Your name stays up there once they let you in!

2. Find the calls you want to learn from

a. Follow the Moderators Green Star (if they’re good.)

b. Jump on the calls

c. Follow up with them afterward through social, email, whatever.

d. Bring them value!

3. Start your own room

a. Pick a topic you want to grow in

b. Don’t know what to talk about? Partner with someone that does. You ask the questions and set everything up.


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