Working With Hard Money Lenders When Flipping Houses | TFTP w/ Austin Linney

Are you needing a hard money loan for your next rehab?

As Real Estate Investors, funding your deals is an obstacle we all face!

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On this episode of Tips From The Pros - Former Hard Money Lender Employee... Austin Linney Shares EVERYTHING!

Not sure if you should get a Hard Money Loan? WATCH THIS!


0:00 ✅ Working With Hard Money Lenders When Flipping Houses

3:06 ✅ Why real estate investing

5:21 ✅How your core values keep you out of trouble

7:19 ✅ What do hard money lenders look at

13:00 ✅ Where the hard money lenders get all their money

16:52 ✅ How do you justify somebody's experience

19:21 ✅ What is a HUD

19:41 ✅ What an investor should ask a hard money lender

25:16 ✅ Is Social media making investors motivated buyers

31:22 ✅ Don't focus on the sizzle and take a major risk

32:45 ✅ The BEST deal you ever get is the deal YOU don't BUY

33:17 ✅ Interviewing the Rockefellars - Sell EARLY!

35:50 ✅ Having a lifeblood in your business

36:42 ✅ Repositioning debt & Risk Tolerance in Texas

39:10 ✅ Reading the Tea Leaves. Time IN the market

41:23 ✅ Is it ok not to see the fruits from your investment for 4 years

42:12 ✅ Chasing the WRONG rabbit is NOT the way to go

43:17 ✅ What action can I take today to move the needle

44:00 ✅ Don't go running off YOUR private money lenders

45:04 ✅ YOU have to get married to the process Divorced from the results

46:49 ✅ That's easy for YOU to say BUT I'M BROKE & I don't have enough time

50:36 ✅ It CAN be DONE. Focus on the purpose

59:14 ✅ Let go of YOUR EGO..Talk about YOUR results

1:09:41✅ Breaking down the hard money loan details

1:19:20✅ What is the IMPACT to the investor to take the $$ back

1:22:33✅ What is the best way to use a hard money loan

1:24:07✅ What is a good vetting process to build a relationship with

1:26:07✅ What has 5 years done for Austin Linney

1:31:58✅ A nameless Construction Company that has sold 2 houses

Books Austin recommended:

📕 The Behavioral Investor by Daniel Crosby

📕 The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness by Morgan Housel

📕 The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Austins' Info:

Austin Linney Podcast: Construct Your life

Mind Set Coach

@AustinLinnney - Instagram

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