Too Big To Fail is The ONLY Business Model | Coffee With The Johns S2 E5

In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we'll be covering the coming mortgage crisis and how small businesses have no chance to survive in 2021.

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0:00​ ✅ Too Big To Fail is The ONLY Business Model | Coffee With The Johns S2E5

5:00​ ✅ Our NEW marketing campaigns are doing GREAT!

11:36​ ✅ In San Antonio Homeless people are being forced into hotels

23:24​ ✅ Fiesta in San Antonio pushed to June… maybe.

28:35​ ✅ Too Small To Bail. Moral Hazard is DEAD ☠

36:30​ ✅ Entitlement is Killing us. **RANT**

45:20​ ✅ Would you get a Neuralink installed in your brain?

55:10​ ✅ Elon Musk can do NO WRONG!

1:05:37​ ✅ Not everyone will get the next stimulus check!

1:13​:45 ✅ No housing crash in 2021… or EVER!

1:24:06​ ✅ Buy and hold real estate is going to EXPLODE 💥

1:29:50​ ✅ Mortgage Servicers anticipating BIG defaults this year

1:35:40​ ✅ NEW Real Estate Trend Developing 🌟

1:37:39​ ✅ San Antonio housing market in trouble… NOT!

1:45:13​ ✅ Ponzi schemes are legal 😬

1:49:23​ ✅ Robinhood is upsetting the big players

1:53:57​ ✅ Step aside parents, we’re here to help!


***January 2021 San Antonio Market Update


**New Video this Wednesday**

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