How To Find A NEW Market For Real Estate Investing S2E4

Recently we've been asked, "What if you live in a state where it doesn't make sense to invest. How do you find one that does?"

In this episode of Coffee With The Johns, we'll answer that with great detail.

We will also be covering the trends and strategies developing to help you invest better in 2021.

⏰⏰Time Stamp ⏰⏰

0:00 ✅ How To Find A NEW Market For Real Estate Investing

4:42 ✅ Warning ⚠️

4:50 ✅ Technical Issues 👷

3:44​ ✅ Sound Was Turned on 🤦‍♂️

13:15 ✅ Just "SOME" of the SA obstacles that Housing Developers have to jump over!

22:28 ✅ Yellen says U.S. can afford higher corporate tax rate if it coordinates globally

38:06 ✅ What the Hell Just Happened to GameStop?

1:01:04 ✅ Covid-19’s Financial Toll Mounts as Homeowners Keep Postponing Mortgage Payments

1:08:10 ✅ National developer of single-family rental communities moves headquarters from California to SA

1:10:53 ✅ Working remotely from different states? You could face additional state taxes next year.

1:14:45 What type of industries could be the "Hot Job" over the next couple of years?

1:15:54 ✅ Clubhouse - Iphone users (for now) join us on Tuesday mornings on Clubhouse. (free downloadable drop-in chat app) ***see below for more important information.

1:16:47 ✅ How can you determine is the best place to invest in? Do you know the trends or policies of the state?

1:22:53 ✅ Austin City Council approves hotel for homeless using funds cut from police budget

1:28:56 ✅ 600-acre South Side development to kick off after Covid-related pause

1:39:00 ✅ Federal judge blocks Biden’s 100-day moratorium on deportations

1:43:17 ✅ Republicans press constitutional amendment term-limiting members of Congress


***Stay Tuned: Tips From The Pro's - Live With Tommy Ray - "Snug Living"

Tuesday, February 4, 2021 @ 6:30pm

***January 2021 San Antonio Market Update - Releasing Sunday


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