How To Buy Houses From Wholesalers | Texas Real Estate Market 2021

This real estate market has been VERY tough for investors flipping houses and buying rentals because seller motivation has been way down and competition way up.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to buy houses from wholesalers in this crazy Texas real estate market.


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0:00 ✅ How To Buy Houses From Wholesalers

1:50 ✅ Who is a Wholesaler? Why do you want to buy from Wholesalers?

4:11 ✅ Watch out for Wholesale Companies

5:22 ✅ Paying Large Non-Refundable Deposits

6:31 ✅ Watch out for NEW Wholesalers

8:28 ✅ How Wholesalers deal with problems

9:24 ✅ Which Wholesaler Should You be Looking For?

10:37 ✅ How do you Find these Wholesalers?

12:24 ✅ How do you become their go-to buyer?

15:00 ✅ Get the Cheat Sheet


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