Coming Foreclosure Crisis 2021 For Texas Real Estate Market

Many changes are coming that will affect the POSSIBLE foreclosure crisis for the Texas real estate market:

⚡ The end of mortgage forbearance

⚡ New Foreclosure Rule

⚡ 40 Year Loan for homeowners affected

⚡ Lower interest rates for those with ZERO equity

⚡ and so much more!



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0:00 🚀 San Antonio Housing Affordability Crisis

5:59 ✅ Fun Facts About The Fourth Of July

14:03 ✅ FHFA to allow interest rate reductions

15:46 ✅ FHFA Won't Give Servicers Break On CFBP Rule

40:32 ✅ Ginnie Mae Unveils 40-year mortgage term for issuers

47:57 ✅ Housing Headaches Are Shifting To The Rental Market

1:04:02 ✅ White House Panned Over Tweet On Price Of Fourth Of July Cookouts

1:07:35 ✅ Atlanta Company To Convert Student Housing Into Single-Family, Duplex Rentals

1:11:22 ✅ Lumber Prices Drive More Than 40% In June, Biggest Monthly Drop On Record

1:26:32 ✅ A Texas View On Why 100 California HQ's Have Moved There Since 2018

1:32:55 ✅ Meet Kevin Paffarah For CA Governor Announces 10 Rallies In 10 Days

1:49:00 ✅ Judge Dismisses FTC And State Antitrust Complaints Against Facebook

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