Coffee With the Johns S03E5

With interest rates doubling and inflation reaching new highs we're starting to see a shift in the market that many investors will NOT know how to manage.

In this weeks LIVE episode of Coffee With The Johns, we will share

βœ… The shifts we're seeing

βœ… How to predict what will happen

βœ… What NOT to do during a recession

Join us LIVE to ask questions and jump in on the conversation!

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0:00 βœ… Coffee With the Johns S03E5

5:20 βœ… Housing meant for shelter?

7:29 βœ… Does 2008 Real Estate DATA matters?

11:44 βœ… Why Real Estate Is Not In A Bubble?

15:17 βœ… 7 Points That Will Affect Real Estate Market

17:32 βœ… People Leaving San Francisco

21:38 βœ… Recession

25:31 βœ… How will Recession Affect The Real Estate in the Long Run

28:48 βœ… The Fear In The Market

34:07 βœ… People Are Spending Too Much Money

40:50 βœ… Reducing Consumer Demand

45:07 βœ… Start Analyzing The Data

51:47 βœ… Affordability

55:18 βœ… How Taxes Work in Texas

1:02:57 βœ… Being Smart on Investing

1:06:54 βœ… Get Financially Educated

1:09:43 βœ… Starting with Real Estate Investing

1:14:54 βœ… Preparing for the Recession

1:26:51 βœ… Build Quality Network

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