Case Study: Make-Ready Rental BRRRR

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In this episode of An Investors Journey Podcast, we'll share a Case Study: Make-Ready Rental BRRRR!

We always hear new investors talk about doing "just enough" to get their properties rented. We believe this should NEVER be the way you look at it... unless if it's how WE DID IT!

In this episode you will hear about:

How we found it
Our negotiation
What we paid
How we ran our numbers
Why we did what we did
What the plan is
How most landlords screw this up
Plus a bunch of TIPS along the way

Keep in mind that if you hold real estate long enough it will eventually make sense. But our goal with this episode is that you don't need to "hope" you eventually make it out. We want you to be doing great from day ONE!


P.S. Here is the walk-through video of this property.
We have walkthrough videos of projects we have done and are currently working on. We share our scopes, pricing, strategies, problems, and successes. Check them out here
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