1% Listings Fastest Growing Company in US, Grant Clayton,CEO| TFTP S2E4

Today I interviewed a gentleman who used to bail hay in East Texas and now is the founder & CEO of 1% Listings. The decision to innovate resulted in his business 1% Lists and motto Full Service for Less, is recognized as the fastest-growing company in the nation according to the Inc.5000

A second-generation Realtor, once Teacher and Basketball coach, pushed into the branding world is now Franchising throughout the East Coast.

His entire business plan is based on how to provide the best value by value-based agents and do it at a much lower cost! And to bring an industry that needs this type of mindset and integrity from within itself.

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0:00  ✅ 1% Listings Fastest Growing Company in the US, Grant Clayton, CEO
0:01   ✅ Intro
1:16    ✅ Origin story
3:30   ✅ Growing too fast & had to hit the pause button
5:52   ✅ RE license, agent, brokerage to an explosion
7:48   ✅ What is 1% Lists
9:44   ✅ Our agents make 25% less than their counterparts but they X their % 6 times
10:48 ✅ 6% vs. 1% what does that get someone
11:09  ✅ Agent fees explained & Paying it forward
12:44  ✅ The difference between a Netflix Investor and a Blockbuster Investor
13:25  ✅ Top Producer - doubled her income in 9 months
14:35  ✅ Why are agents obsessed about how much they charge per deal
14:56  ✅ Bargain Brokerage - don't value the wrong things
15:59  ✅ 1% Lists Turnkey Franchise for 20k
17:57   ✅ What makes 1% different
20:51   ✅ Value your agent because.....???
24:40  ✅ 70% of Sellers are Buyers
27:46   ✅ Are you living in the land of fear
28:29   ✅ What drives sales
31:03   ✅ I saved a ton AND they are GOOD
32:22   ✅ Rainbows & Butterflies
33:47   ✅ Doing the deal not looking for a deal
35:15    ✅ Seeing is not understanding
36:10    ✅ Field of dreams approach
38:00   ✅ For our franchise owners - The BENE's
40:40   ✅ Did he just SALE Jon right on the podcast
40:52   ✅ Marketing is not just a word - there is MUCH MUCH more
42:00   ✅ Grant reveals...
45:05   ✅ Jane Smith's rabbit hole - a moment of AH HA!
49:51    ✅ How do you provide the quality
51:30    ✅ How do you run quality control
56:04    ✅ It's not about YOU
56:41     ✅ Why the franchise route
1:00:55 ✅ Valuing the cherry and NOT the WHOLE cake
1:03:23 ✅ How do I get my own franchise
1:08:04 ✅ What does it look like for a small broker and a franchise
1:11:29   ✅ What do you do if the market shifts
1:14:28  ✅ A call from Anchorage
1:16:47  ✅ Plans for 1% Lists - 400 Franchises
1:18:55  ✅ A mission to succeed for our agents
1:22:56 ✅ Favorite/suggested books
1:25:24 ✅ The RIGHT thing is the RIGHT thing TO DO

Info/Contact: #1percentlists.com
For franchise info go to #1percentlists.com

📕 Paper Tiger, Tom Coyne
📕 Go Giver, Bob Burg

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